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Dr. Rakesh Paras Singh

Managing Director and Cheif Editor: SCMPro Knowledge

Dr. Rakesh Paras Singh is the Chairman and Dean of ISCM Demand Planning Academy and SCMPro Knowledge, Mumbai. He is a global thought leader, author, researcher and consltant. He is Phd in Demand Planning.
Dr. Rakesh Singh brings a contrarian perspective while interpreting signals along the supply chain. He integrates geo-political developments and macro-economic shifts to understand shifting business ecosystem.


Girish V S

Executive Editor: SCMPro Knowledge

Girish is the Executive Director at ISCM and SCMPro Knowledge . Earlier he was the Editor at BFSI World and BFSI Vision. He teaches Supply Chain Risk Management and Supply Chain Finance at ISCM. Girish has more than twenty five years of domestic and international professional experience, including 12 years in servicing the banking and financial services sector. He has extensive domain knowledge in Enterprise Risk Management, Supply Chain Finance, and Supply Chain Risk Management. He has taught at Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics, Mumbai, and DSIMS Mumbai. He has conducted training programs at L&T, FIAT, Infosys, Mahindra & Mahindra, Bristlecone, FIMMDA etc.

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