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E-commerce is changing the skill requirements in logistics

India is fast emerging as the go to destination for quality generics. This has linked Indian pharmaceutical supply chains with the global chains. An inefficient, unwieldy, and inward looking supply chain has now to transform into a complex, state of the art supply chain, in step with the global best practices. And given the fragmented nature of the players, there is a...continue reading

Supply Chain Developments from Across the Globe
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Enhancing Customer Experience - The Supply Chain Paradigm

Enhancing Customer Experience - The Supply Chain Paradigm

1. How does the supply chain affect the customer experience? There’s no place as exciting as Asia, where the online consumer base grew by 50 percent: Definite trend toward further individualization and customization, online-enabled transparency and easy access to a multitude of options regarding where to shop and what to buy drive the competition. With this, customer experience extends into...continue reading


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