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Supply chain has become a complex operation, often with competing priorities. Intense competition


Go beyond Supply Chain:

Before Supply Chain concept, in early day’s company&


The Indian economy is possibly at its best in terms of creating a positive sentiment to all stake


China has started on yet another transformation – this time to the “mall of the World


It is interesting to see the evolution of supply chains. Four metrics usually define a supply cha


Can external third party project managers (PMI) really ad


An enterprise sources raw material, processes it and delivers it to a customer. The entire set of


In my view India is a melting pot of severalsupply chain issues. As a developing economy our manu


New Year is the time both to glance back and to look ahead, and that has always helped us to comp


A few years back, a major pharma firm faced increasing complaints from customers from Rajasthan,


In the last 4 Parts of the series, we looked at the internal elements necessary to achieve an eff


Rural India accounts for nearly 70 percent of the country’s population, 56 percent of natio


I often get the question from senior management executives in supply chain and logistics domain &


At the recent Logisym Singapore 2016 Supply Chain conference, the subject of the boarder impact o



The rapid penetration of digital technologieshas led to a n


Panel Members: PramodSant, Vice President –Head of Imports /Export and Export Control and C


Large volume of coal movement in India is for thermal power plantswith significant share also com


There are a few key trends that define the Indian pharmaceutical industry – and the one tha


Supply chain and logistics are core competencies for entities in this segment, and ironically the


The function of a supply chain is to fulfill the demand created by marketing. The new age custome


As the global business ecosystem evolves, enterprises are forced to re-think their supply chain n



  • ‘Make in India’is the flagship industrial initiative of th


In December, I placed an order with one of the large e-commerce websites for a new toolbox. Being


Companies in the developed world have invested in an array of IT solutions to optimize their oper


The Indian food processing industry accounts for 32 per cent of the country’s total food ma


India spends nearly 14 percent of its GDP on logistics, as compared to an average of 8-9 percent


The better regulatory changes are definite to happen. Infact the countdown has already begin. The


“Transportation is the centre of the world! It is the glue of our daily lives. When it


Is it the beginning of a new era? :

There can’t be a better time f



This is the final part of the six part series on Supply Cha


Supply chain management primarily enables a company to satisfy its customers’ needs. Curren


In their inexorable search for profits, firms moved their manufacturing to counties which accorde



E-commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors in India d


Agri Value Chain – A Curtain Raiser

Manoj Rawat, Head Agribusiness|Priority Sector


While some marketers have hopped on to the rural bandwagon early, many have started exploring mor


The supply chain fraternity has always been complaining of dominance of sales and marketing in th


Demanding competition in today’s global markets, introduction of


The best way to understand a function is to go back to basics – in this case the accepted d


User Perspective for taking Logistics / Supply ChainServices

Users face a few challenge


While complexity seems to be an integral part of modern day supply chain, it demands increased le


Indian Economy

It was in early 17th century, trading e

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