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Packaging is normally seen as an insignificant component of the total supply chain cost in compar


History of e-Sourcing

Reverse auction was among the most profound e-Sour


The three essential questions in item inventory management are – where to have the material


A recent post by my colleague Kate Vitasek (author of the “Vest Outsourcing” model) i


In today’s marketplace, almost all companies face a major dilemma of supplying the right pr


The modern supply chain – some prefer to call it supply web – is a multi-layered, cro


Enterprises and organizations – whether small, medium or large – have used Reverse e-


In this month’s issue of Supply Chain Management Professional, we deal with a very old, but


Supply chain management has multiple facets to it. The forward looking, firm to customer facet, w


Firms have flogged the product differentiator approach for a very long time. As time passes, prod

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