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Companies on the leading edge of supply chain management are transforming their supply chains into a stream of multi-dimensional networks that can creatively adapt to dynamic consumer dem


1. How does the supply chain affect the customer experience?



Robotic automation-Redefining the future of warehouses and logistic



The digital interconnection of billions of devices is today’s most dynamic business opportu


There is a silent revolution in industry – called Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 is not a new t


The retail industry is waking up to the potential of technology. Traditional growth paradigms of


The world is getting hyper-connected. Many factors are fueling this, such as the Internet, wired


The way in which we design, make and sell products depends on the technology we use. The converge


Conceived decades ago as the way forward for manufacturers who sought to harness technology to be


A recent conversation with a technology service provider was self-explanatory – “I am


The emergence of networked firms and devices that generate data has led to the explosion in the v


It is estimated that by 2020, we will generate 44 zetabytes of data – generated by billions


If I were forced to say which technological innovation in the last few years has been more profou


Big Data is a term used for data set – both structured and unstructured - that is very larg


Business ecosystem changes and changes in consumer behavior cannot be predicted, but need to be t


Across the developed world, monotonous and repetitive jobs that do not require human judgment are


There are two facets to a supply chain – one is transportation and the other warehousing. T


Definition of Rural defines the area where more than 70% population is dependent of agriculture.


Business models across the globe have undergone a paradigm shift. Firms recognized the benefits o


The earliest and most pioneering work in the field of integrated supply chains was done by Forres


The third flow in a supply chain- apart from products and money – is information. What


What are the technology adoption trends you are seeing in SCM?

The industry is now more


Risk based approach for supply chain management has been widely discussed but very few companies


1.The third flow in a supply chain- apart from products and money &ndash


Supply chain is a recent discipline. Supply chain was a function responsible for delivering a pro


Even though 3G and now 4G technologies have come up, its application in vehicle tracking has not


A complex world, with follow-the-sun supply chains, hyper-connected partners, and expectation of


The necessity to increase margins and reduce service costs has led to frequent product upgradatio


Today’s global manufacturing industry that manufactures anything from Automobiles, Aircraft

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