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The biggest risk to a business could be the supply chain. Business strategy of the day includes o


A large number of organizations today suffer from an epidemic called DRIP


Supply chains are prone to disruptions. Some from internal causes and some due to external factor


According to Council of Australian Governments,  Disaster resilience is ‘the capacity


Nearly one in ten organizations are not aware of who their key suppliers are, leaving them open t


Supply chain risk management is defined as "the implementation of strategies to manage both


Supply chains are at the heart of the enterprise. If we accept that meeting the demands of a cust


Panel Members: ReshmaZaheer, COO, TT Aviation; Rajesh Neelakanta is currently the Executive Direc


Warehousing in the Agri-commodity market is a crucial element in assuring fair returns to the far


A warehouse faces multiple types of risk. One set of risks stem from the infrastructure –fi


Resilience is the ability of the supply chain to re-organize and deliver its core function contin

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