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Demand planning and forecasting is about people, processes and technology. The three broader aspe


Even after advancement in technology and processes, demand planning still remains a tough questio


The demand planning process starts with a statistical forecast. At the beginning of the month, th


TML Distribution Company Ltd aim is to transport factory finished vehicles to its customers. For


Capturing Demand Signals has three major aspects – one is capture, the second is signals an


There is a saying “It is often said there are two types of forecasts ... lucky or wrong!!!!


Demand planning and forecasting is about people, processes, and technology. The three broader asp


The drivers of forecasting at Merck are the ability to forecast better provides an opportunity to


There are many facets to supply chain. Demand planning and Forecasting is a little known, but vit


Supply chain is slowly coming out of its obscurity in India. There is a growing interest in all a


The demand planning and forecasting function started as a basic function – focusing on the


“Successfully implementing an agile supply chain requires a holistic view of supply can dem


Not many can look into the crystal ball and predict the future. But if one wants to manufactu


FMCG business has a few unique imperatives. As business leaders we need to understand these imper


The panel on Optimizing Demand Planning function and the future of demand planning saw some spiri


The ultimate goal of the industry is to react to the market immediately so that we do not lose an


Opportunities open up in markets all the time. The problem is, firms rarely get to know about the


Managers require metrics to demonstrate performance improvements and the value created across the


The Indian economy is poised for accelerated growth – moving into the eight percent range.

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